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Asked Question

What is WHIRL?
How is WHIRL different from Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc?
Who created WHIRL?
How long has WHIRL been in development?
Does WHIRL have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?
Do I need to be a programmer to use WHIRL?
Where is WHIRL incorporated?
Is WHIRL a ponzi or pyramid scheme?
Does WHIRL have a whitepaper?
Who are WHIRL’s partners?
What’s the difference between WRL and karma points?
What benefits does WRL offer within WHIRL?
What kind of token is WRL?
How can I buy WRL?
Does WRL offer any other benefits?
When will WHIRL’s token generation event take place?
What is the tokensale price?
How will the token sale be structured?
What’s the difference between each period?
Are there volume bonuses?
Can I combine bonuses?
What are your soft and hard caps?
What is the maximum number of tokens you’ll distribute?
What is your minimum investment?
Which cryptocurrencies can I use for the tokensale?
When will I receive my WRL tokens?
I’m from [country name], will I be allowed to invest?
What website will WHIRL’s tokensale take place on?
Where can I store WRL tokens?
How do I earn karma points?
How many karma points do I earn for every dollar I contribute to a campaign?
Can I transfer my karma points to someone else?
What can I do with karma points?
What happens to my karma after my campaign finishes fundraising?
What kind of campaigns will list on WHIRL?
How do I create a campaign?
What currency can I use to contribute to a campaign?
Are my campaign funds safe on WHIRL?
How does WHIRL help nonprofits?
How does WHIRL ensure that the nonprofits it works with are legitimate?
How do I get in touch with you if I’m a nonprofit?