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We dont waste our precious time on searching house, now on all of this is done by Atlas!
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We all come across a time in our lifes, where we have to find a new home. Its an important step that everyone has to take. Just like you, I have wasted months of my life trying to find a new place to live. spending hours everyday scrolling through the housing market; It takes up a lot of our precious time. You can argue that there are agencies and brokers that can do this for you, right? That is partially true, but no one knows what you want better then you.

I remember a time when I had to find an apartment for my parents. It had to be recently refurbished; had to have a nice view; parking space; garbage chute; elevator; double bedroom; storage room; electric cooker; balcony; nearby medical centre; pharmacy; food market; supermarket; nearby public transport and a park. Eventually, I did find what I was looking for but it took a lot of my personal time and money.



I would like to introduce to you a new, worldwide, online marketplace for real estate named Atlas - that works through user requests using a search filter which includes house -appartment parameters, building, and infrastructure features.

How it works

For example, lets create an order for an apartment purchase that is 100 square meters. all rooms have to be separate; It has to include a kitchen; living room; two bathrooms; balcony; playground area; parking lot; nearby trainstation; a shoping centre and a school. Then you would have to register the request on Atlas, and from there on Atlas does all the searching work for you. If at this moment theres no corresponding apartment then Atlas will carry on the search the next day, it will keep doing so untill it finds an apartment that fits your request. Lastly, Atlas would create a chat room for you and the apartment owner where you can talk with the seller and decide what you want to do next. Atlas will carry on searching for apartments that fall under your request untill it is canceled.

We dont waste our precious time scrolling through the internet housing boards and real estate websites anymore, from now on all of this is done by Atlas.



1. Atlas users only pay for the subscription fee and can create as many orders as they want.

2. Atlas does the searching for you which means that you dont need to search through irrelavent posts.

3. Atlas take into acount the relevance and quality of the user posts as well as the users reputation

4. With the help of Atlas you can trade property. For example; swaping a cottage for an apartment and viceversa.

5. Atlas can also be used as a professional program for real estate brokers

6. Atlas wont miss on any potential orders, unlike people.

7. Atlas search is based on the city's infrastructure.

Potential growth

Atlas is capable of searching for specific parameters within the categories of your choice.

2. Atlas-Transport

3. Atlas-Freelance

4. Atlas-Dating

5. Atlas-Collectibles


Development Plan

1. Creating the core for the Atlas search engine.

2. Creating a WEB-interface.

3. Release of a first WEB-version for computers and smart phones.

4. development of an iOS, Adroid Atlas app.



1. Project Manager - Anton Emelianov

2. Lead Developer - Dmitry Lukyanov

3. Design UI - Dmitry Ilyuk


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