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Ilya Bazhenov
Humorous, social and surreal short movies from video-band based in Yaroslavl
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Hello, world!

As you could understand, we are experimenting with video production. We try to shoot new plots, in new locations, change the shooting technique and constantly evolve. We do this for our own pleasure, in our free time from work and family affairs. The most interesting thing is that our education has nothing to do with cinema: two historians, a chemical engineer, an architect. But despite this, we sometimes get something pretty good.

For example, the movie in the top of the page, we shot in 40 minutes, for fun. Then it blew up the internet.


We got into this situation more than once, as we regularly go in for sports. This video was copied by many youtube-channels and very soon began to walk on the Internet. Some copies scored more than a million views, while the original is only a few thousand.


In spite of this, we were satisfied, because we managed to do something qualitative, practically "on our knees". At the same time the topic of aggressive dogs caused a great public outcry. We were noticed by television and for some time we collaborated with the channel "Moscow 24".


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After such a success, we realized that we were able to make content for television and soon began to shoot the first season of our television show for the "2x2" channel. It was a big challenge, because in a very short time it was necessary to invent and shoot large amount of material. But we did it. Friends who provided part of the props, costumes, shooting areas, assisted and performed certain roles helped us a lot.


Link to TV show -


It was an even greater success - simple boys and girls shot their TV show. And, again, everything was done on enthusiasm, with a minimum amount of resources. We were inspired by the stories of such famous directors as Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron, Terry Gilliam and David Fincher, who made their first films without special education and some resources, with the exception of the camera and the desire to shoot. Their films are a good guide.


We also inspire ourselves with our life experiences, situations that we find ourselves in, and what we feel. Indeed, in life there can be something that sometimes you can’t think up on purpose. Especially in Russia. Therefore, we try to notice interesting situations and events and transfer them to the cinema.


This was done by such Soviet directors as Georgiy Daneliya, Leonid Gaidai and Vladimir Menshov, who brought real cases from their lives to their films, improving them. Their films have achieved a world confession. They are absolutely vital, with excellent humor, which is why people regularly review them.


Unfortunately, in present time there are very few similar movies. Very often, after watching new films, there remains only disappointment and regret for lost time. We are also at a loss when mediocre and kind of absurd films win at prestigious film festivals. We look at all this and understand that our initiative is not worse. Moreover, given the availability of resources, we can do better.


More than once we have come across the fact that the ideas and plots that we come up with in our scripts and video are later found in popular films, TV shows and commercials.


Left side - our video from 2014 year, right - film "Kitchen" from 2017.


Therefore, we began to think about starting to make our films and send them to film festivals. Now there is a lot of parallel work on several scenarios and the search for locations for them. But we still have problems with technical equipment, costumes, hromakey. There are more and more tasks that cannot be done "on the knee" - for some ideas you need to rent equipment and details, hire professional stuntmen or order professional animation.


Unfortunately or fortunately, for most ordinary people the movie business is closed. Sometimes funding is allocated for very strange projects, and those who pay close attention are left out. But not everything is so bad, because there are successful examples of how funds are raised by means of crowdfunding for very decent films. When you watch them in a cinema, you feel proud of having taken part in their financing. Such examples give hope that the cinema as art will live. And at the same time, we will become a prominent part of the world of cinema.


Thank you for attention.


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