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Creative Piano Learning

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Irina Grigorieva
Two experienced piano teachers want to publish a didactic book, addressed to young piano teachers
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Two professional piano teachers with more than 20 years of experience, Irina Grigorieva and Massimo Bentivegna live in Palermo, Italy, but Irina completed her studies in Saint Petersburg, Russia, while Massimo studied in Palermo. The former teaches children for many private associations and institutions, while the latter works for the local State Conservatoire as piano teacher.

On many occasions Irina had noticed the need for a professional teaching for children in Italy, where it is totally absent, and some old Russian schoolmates now working in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or Norway have confirmed that in the rest of Europe there is nothing similar to the traditional Russian children piano courses and the very first approach to the keyboard relies solely on the teacher’s initiative. Her colleagues had often asked her to make a publication on the subject and so she has undertaken the task of writing a dedicated book.

In the meantime Massimo started to develop a method to provide his students of the Conservatoire with simple and clear information about the basic concepts and principles of piano playing they were lacking. In this regard he has published a website and a series of small practical manuals in Italian. He has also tried to hold seminars for young piano teachers, but some local bureaucratic problems have so far hampered their implementation.


That’s why they would like to publish a book, both in Italian and in English, addressed to young piano teachers in the hope to hold courses and seminars in Italy and abroad.


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