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Road to the Olympic Games

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Sammy Wagensveld
My biggest dream is to represent my country at the Olympic Games, and for that dream I need your help!
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The Netherlands
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Personal project
The Netherlands
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My name is Sammy Wagensveld, I am 20 years old and I’m a member of the Dutch Olympic boxing team. Due to my young age and the talent that I possess, I am a promise for the future. My biggest dream is to represent my country, the Netherlands, during the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. In order to get there I need to qualify myself for big tournaments and during those tournaments I have to perform well enough to win medals. To become one of the best boxers in the world I need to take a long and lonely road, sacrifice a lot and spend loads of hours training. Because of all the time put into perfecting my skills and because I’m also studying at the university of Rotterdam, I don’t have time to work. This means I have NO INCOME and my parents are the ones that pay for all the expenses for my sport and the lifestyle that comes with it. That’s why I decided to start a crowdfunding campaign with WHIRL. In this way I no longer need to hold my parents responsible for the funding of my sport and I will be able to focus on my future. That is why I want to ask you to help me fund my way to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. With the money raised with my crowdfunding I can pay for my travel expenses, equipment and training camps.


It all started at a young age. My dad was already boxing and he took me to his training to not leave me at home with a babysitter. Soon enough I became too old just to sit around and wait for my dad to finish training so at the age of 4 I first put on some boxing gloves myself and fell in love with the sport.


My friends from school choose soccer or hockey, but I choose two different kind of sports: boxing and dancing. Besides boxing I’ve also been dancing for years. I followed ballet classes for 10 years, which is something that still helps me with boxing. When I was 14 years old I had to choose between both sports; I choose boxing. I was already a member of the Dutch selection group. I had a lot of potential, it just needed a lot of energy and dedication and I was willing to make all the sacrifices I had to make.




Since I was thirteen I gained a lot of experience in the Netherlands and also outside the country during international competitions as well. I competed more and more and also started to win more matches. I noticed I was really good at this and the only way was up. My father, who is also my coach, noticed the same. When I was 16, 17 and 18 years old I became Dutch Champion in the A-class untill 69KG. The year after I had to make another decision



As a boxer in the year you turn 19 you enter the elite category, which means you are a senior. This means there is no age limit anymore, only weight limits. After my first match in the elite until 69KG I noticed this category might be a little bit too high for me. I physically lacked power and got punched in my face a lot during that match. This was the moment my father told me 'Sammy take a look at your face. If you look like this again, I will not let you box anymore!' He gave me an ultimatum: either I take a year off to grow physically and become stronger to compete in the 69KG category or I went back to a lower weight, the class 64KG.


My father and I decided to go for a different weight class for which I had to loose 5KG in 6 months. Together with nutritions I reached my goal and I competed at the Dutch National Championships in June 2017 in the weight class 64KG . After a lot of extra training and dedication and after a very nerve wrecking match I unfortunately placed second. Eventhough I didn’t reach my goal to become Dutch Champion in this new weight class, I continued competing in this category. I felt really good and strong. I grew every match I boxed, I felt better and better and more secure about myself. An absolute highlight was the match I boxed against Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg from Mongolia, who was the bronze medallist at the 2012 Olympic Games. I won this match which gave me a lot of confidence plus I made a name for myself. 


In 2018 I decided to keep competing in the weight class 64KG. I knew I could and had to become Dutch Champion. June 16 was the day of the semi finals and I made it to the final the day after. June 17 2018 I became Dutch Champion in the weight class 64KG A-class! After this match I closed a chapter for myself and went on a well deserved vacation. After this break my dad and I knew for sure I was gonna go back to my old weight class, 69KG. I am still competing in this category and I’m doing very well. The past year I boxed 16 matches and won 12 of them. I am only getting better and making my way to compete at the Olympic Games, but to get there I need to invest a lot of time, effort and money. Because of all the time and effort I put into training and school, I don’t have time to work and earn money myself. I have the energy, I make the time, but for the money I need YOUR help!


Help me make my biggest dream come true and grow myself into becoming THE Sammy Wagensveld. I’m willing to give EVERYTHING for my dream. What are you willing to give?!


Thanks in advance,


Sammy Wagensveld


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