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GATE is a blockchain computer game

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Denis Krasnokutskey
You can order an individual or a virtual team adventure for this game on a turn-key basis.
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Our greetings to the WHIRL community.

We want to present you a project for crowdfunding designed by the GATE team.

Our team consists of Denis Krasnokutskyi, Project Manager,

Viacheslav Mikhailov, Senior game designer.

GATE is a blockchain computer game in the RPG genre.  You can order an individual or a virtual team adventure for this game on a turn-key basis.

The GATE project will open its gates for players who are willing to play in a virtual fantasy online world where it will be possible to monetize your playing time.


There are five characteristic features of the game project GATE which differ it from other RPGs.

The GATE  project is one of the first projects which will make your dreams in the fantasy gaming world come true. Descending into our virtual world of GATE, hired employees of our company will accompany you. Acting out their roles is their job, and a written scenario of your fantasy will add dynamics and realism to the gameplay.

We are among the first who are ready to pay for spending your time in our world. Why not pay those people who support the gaming atmosphere in our GATE world? Thus, we create the point of the game within itself!

The blockchain technology for the GATE world and the launch of a token economy for virtual cities will make it possible to become transparent in financial reports to investors and protect their property rights of previously invested virtual real estate.

Creating an open source world will give you a chance to engage gaming industry specialists distantly. It will subsequently cause a synergistic effect and accelerates the process of creating the GATE world.

Cybersport is our everything. Team battles will be held not only at the gladiator arenas, but also in the labyrinths for team competitions under the supervision of a dungeon master.


Key concepts that made me launch my startup for the GATE game


Blockchain technology

Initially, we give an opportunity to earn money for everybody who invests his or her money in the development of the GATE world using different legal schemes. Blockchain will protect the property rights of investors and make their financial statements transparent for them.

Tokenized economy and creation of cryptocurrency for gaming locations as well as a competing service market will launch a cryptocurrency movement which is very important for its trust. Aristotle said years ago "Gold and silver have no intrinsic value in themselves; therefore money was only a social convention invented by human communities to facilitate exchange." Thus, by creating trust in the cryptocurrency of the GATE world, we will be able to ensure monetisation of playing time.


Open-source economics

The creation of an economic platform within the GATE framework will be based on open collaboration for the software production, services or other products for implementing the game process.

It is necessary to create an environment that will provide an opportunity for anyone who will be able to devote 5 minutes to develop the GATE blockchain platform. In such a way people will gain a sense of their own value and will be willing to develop social relationships.

Thus, a social phenomenon will arise as a new form of competition.        

For example


open source software against Microsoft;

peer-to-peer p2p technologies compete with record companies (industry);

Skype competes with traditional telecommunication technologies.


In our case, we compete with the giants of the gaming industry, who can allocate tens of millions of dollars and attract hundreds of computer programmers to develop a computer game. For example, the budget of Detroit: Become Human was 30 million dollars, there were 130 people in its staff, apart from freelancers and volunteers. They were creating the game for four years.

In the open-source economics of the GATE game, we have to create such conditions where it is possible to have a platform for self-expression and collaboration, and it will lead to a social product that will launch our game in an accelerated mode triggering a synergistic effect

The key idea of the GATE project

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players"

William Shakespeare

We help clients live out their fantasies in a virtual fantasy world with the help of project managers who remotely, like little gods, look after the heroes, and interfere in their destiny according to an individual scenario, following the rules of the contract.

On the open-source economics platform of the GATE project, there will be depicted reputations among project managers who will help project clients realise their fantasies by subscription. Eventually, there will be customers who will be willing to pay $ 10,000 and more so that he/she will be able to develop his/her fantasies in the virtual world. So only managers with a high level of trust can service such clients.



The GATE project is created on the fifth-generation game engine developed by Crytek. It will better convey the atmosphere of cities, landscapes and dungeons better.




We will create the arial spaces for all creatures of the GATE world, and many of them will be controlled not by artificial intelligence, but by employees hired by our company. For example, do you know how centaurs, fairies, hydras or sphinxes live? All their lives and settlements will be visualised in the GATE world.




Do you want to fight the dragon? So what will happen if it isn`t a computer which will control your battle computer, but an employee of the company will do that? Won`t it make the game itself even more exciting? Dragons are very intelligent, powerful and wise creatures. It isn`t so easy to kill a dragon, but believe us you will do it!

Time in the GATE world will be the same for all, but as soon as somebody wants to attack someone, a separate mode will be activated for step-by-step battles.




With the funds raised we will:

1. Verify the ideas for relevance and viability (its verification);

2. Develop intermediate and global goals of a startup with a strategy for the product launch to the market and its promotion;

3. Develop mathematical consensus;

4. Write White Paper (WP);

5. Develop a company website;

6. Write smart contracts ERC-777 for subsequent crowdfunding.


If you are ready to go down to the GATE world, and you have fantasies which you would like to play in our world, support us in crowdfunding. We will create memorabilia especially for you in the GATE world.


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