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Connecting the sense of cryptocurrencies and art.

Blockchain enthusiast creates a text. An artist creates a picture. Pictures number is limited to 128.

The rights on picture transfers in Etherium blockchain by a certain algorithm.

Project mission: send the message to wide auditory of cryptocurrencies benefits.

3 pictures are already created. Let's look for them.

N1: Cryptocurrencies give the freedom of choice

Art text

Before we talk about cryptocurrencies, let's try to give a vital definition to money. What is money and what is it for?  

Money is a unit that measures the human labor that benefits other people. In classical economic thought, the more people work for the benefit of society, the more money they get. And we are not necessarily talking about individual human labor. He can manage people, improving the ability of the team as a whole. For this team gives the leader a piece of his work. Also, a person can create a technology that will increase the productivity of the current economic process. If you want a lot of money, in fact there are two basic and honest options: very effective work yourself or create a team/technology that improve the efficiency of other people. In the end, you should benefit people, and through the mechanism of money they will indirectly thank you.  

If there was no money, we would have to make an instant exchange. No one could produce goods or services for the future. I raised potatoes, and I need a haircut. In total absence of money for each haircut I would have to pay with potatoes. It's uncomfortable, so people came up with various stones, shells and animal skins.

With the formation of statehood, we have a centralized body that deals with the issue of banknotes. Money serves as a single means of exchange. Let's not delve into the history of money. We will plunge immediately into the modern money world. The problem is that modern money is not actually provided. If you think that they are provided with gold or oil, then you are mistaken. Try to present all the dollars in the Bank, and gold at all is not enough. The same thing happens with any other modern currency. Is there a problem with that? Certainly. Again, let's try to consider this problem on the analogy of life.  

And first, let's examine the concept of monopoly. Monopoly is a situation without choice. For example, if you like trains and want to move from point A to point B by train, then you will have to travel using the services of a natural monopoly on the Railways. Any monopoly, even natural, leads to the fact that the monopolist becomes a fat, arrogant and criminal market participant. It's always felt when receiving services from a monopoly. Perhaps human nature is hidden somewhere in the subconscious the need for humiliation of the weak by the strong. But just remember any situation where the subject of relations is a monopolist. Did you get your passport? How were you treated there? You appealed to the district hospital, because it was not possible to go to pay? Is that friendly? What is the attitude of the village notary to his clients? I think that each of us at least once in life faced a situation of monopoly. And everyone understands that monopoly is detrimental to the interaction of persons.  

Now let's combine money and monopoly. And we will have the most terrible thing in the modern world. Monetary monopoly on the issue of money. Do you think she's different from the woman on the passport office? Or is it friendlier administrator in clinic? In fact, it is even worse, as it is faceless. The owners of the money do not see the pain and grief of their victims, so they act even tougher. Of course, state institutions restrain the onslaught of monetary monsters, but their power is still total and unlimited. The horror in the fact that they use tricky methods that are difficult to understand for the average person. But let's examine at least one example. For example, the monetary authorities decided to save a large bank and printed a bunch of money. Yes, Yes, I just pressed the button and instead of the conditional 30 trillion dollar, we now have 36 trillion dollars. But with such an issue, there are no more goods or services in the economy, which means that other goods or services will simply rise in price by about 20%. And what does this mean for someone who has transferred part of his work in the money and invested them in financial instruments? And what this means is that thanks to the emission con, a handful of beneficiaries from among an unfit bank just robbed of all hardworking citizens. Of course, the citizen, as a million lay on the account, and lies. That's only if he used this a million could buy 1,000 packages, now buy about 830. That's the way a bunch of insolent devalued the work of an honest citizen. 

It so happened in history that society does not tolerate monopolies. We feel instinctively that each of us must have more or less equal conditions for survival in this world. Any monopoly sooner or later collapses. Once fell monopoly of the Roman Empire. Once collapsed of Germany in XX century. Any villain, any abstract monopoly is squeezed out by people who value freedom. And now comes the time of the destruction of the monetary monopoly. This monopoly will be very difficult to destroy, as it is tied to the punitive functions of the state and the general dependence of society on money. You can't stop the money flow. But smart people are creative. And now just invented cryptocurrency that can squeeze the classic or fiat money.  

Cryptocurrency is valuable because it contains just 2 functions: it is used as a container of data, inside the cryptocurrency project + it can be used as the preservation of labor results, that is, in fact act as money. And this dual power of cryptocurrency makes it an excellent weapon to destroy the monetary monopoly. It breeds competition. Now each of us, if he wants, can already choose: what do I keep my investments? You can choose the dollar or euro, and you can choose ether or bitcoin. There is freedom of choice. A new economic era is emerging where there will be no more mass economic robberies. But we are still at the very beginning. Soon the monetary authorities will understand the danger of their situation. And then we will see the war of crypto and fiat. The winner here is clear. Monopoly is always crashing. But the fight will be the strongest in the history of world battles. Not the fact that we win right away. Perhaps the victory will be postponed for 30-50-100 years. 

However, we are grateful to the cryptocurrency, which gives the lightest heads the opportunity to choose.  

This text is written for the picture that you see now in front of you.

N2: At the end of curve

Art text

He jumps in on 4000.

Bought some more on 6000.

"Over" bought some more on 8000.

Was construct schemes and rising graphs on 10000.

Predicted advance up to the 50000 minimum.

Exult on 15000.

Annoyed family and folks on 20000.

Swallow correction on 17000.

Announced "X-Mas sales" on 13000.

Flipped off pals on 16000.

Goes to altcoins on 13000.

Tempered in line on 9000.

Losing faith on 6000.

Found faith on 11000.

Chillax on 8500.


Let's get acquainted with the MEM "HODL", which has spread widely among the entire cryptocurrency community. In the classical investment sphere, analytical agencies usually produce three basic types of recommendations on assets:

"Buy" - buy assets on the market;

"Hold" - we hold assets in the market, it is not necessary to buy new ones, it is too early to sell;

"Sell" - it's time to sell assets.

On December 18, 2013, the forum participant Bitcointalk GameKyuubi opened the theme "I AM HODLING". Topikstarter admitted that he is a very bad trader and does not understand how to trade. Despite the active decline in the price of bitcoin, it will simply hold the asset, as it is afraid to sell it at the bottom. In the text of topics, the participant uses correctly spelled the word "Hold", and admits that he drank some whiskey. From this we can conclude that the meme "Hodl" is just a typo in the topic title on the forum early cryptoenthusiast, which with great pleasure was caught by the whole community. Later even have come up with semantic abbreviation for meme: "Hold on for dear life". 

In General, there are two investment strategies on the market: active and passive. With active investment, the participant constantly sells and buys assets in the hope of catching a short-term profit. In case of passive investment, the participant forms a portfolio and adjusts it, as a rule, once a year. Surprisingly, passive investment in most cases is more profitable than active investment. This fact is described in many investment books. Also worth mentioning is the very recent case of Warren Buffett. The legendary investor is a supporter of passive investments. In 2007, he proposed a dispute that passive investing over a ten-year time frame would defeat any active strategy. The prize Fund is impressive, a million dollars. It is noteworthy that all market bouncers immediately went somewhere. No one is ready to put a million dollars, because he knows that at a distance active investment will still lose. One brave soul still found. He chose five hedge funds. The terms of the dispute he wins if at least one Fund out of five will outperform the passive strategy of Buffett. On January 1, 2018, Warren Buffett won. Why was Buffett so sure about that?

I will try to find an analogy, why passive investing is more profitable. Let our investments be an Apple tree that bears fruit. A passive investor is a gardener who grows a tree by taking care of it. At the end of the season such has conditionally 100 apples. An active investor is a gardener who constantly digs out a tree in the hope of finding better conditions. This action harms the tree. In exchange conditions, the investor also constantly pays a commission for this action to the exchange and the broker, which further reduces his chances of success. In the end, our gardener has a half-dead tree with 50 apples bitten off (commision ate the fruit). 

In a playful and fun way, the forum participant Bitcointalk has led many to the idea of a passive investment strategy. Following this theme, investors have become to "hodl" cryptocurrencies. In fact, they have become passive investors. The classic branch was this idea for decades. Some participants are still unable to reach it. Cryptocurrency investors have discovered the idea of passive investment in just years. This confirms once again the fact that the world has accelerated. Cryptocurrencies vividly prove it to us.

Of course, it is very difficult to experience the strong fall of their investments. Some people are literally going crazy. Head's fading. The senses are sharpened. Pain penetrates. The red terror is dreaming in my dreams. It seems that the candles down will never end.

Be calm. Know the story. We are afraid of uncertainty. Knowledge removes fear. "Hodl" in the long intervals of time wins the active market twitching. If a person knows statistics and history, then sleep will be quiet. The next step after reading the text and the aesthetic pleasure of seeing this picture can be a step deeper study of the idea of passive investment. I recommend three books that will form your investment Foundation. And this Foundation will walk you through the difficult market days:

William J. Bernstein - The Intelligent Asset Allocator: How to Build Your Portfolio to Maximize Returns and Minimize Risk.

Richard A. Ferri - "All about asset allocation".

Frank Armstrong - "Investment strategies for the 21st century".

Spread the idea of passive investment. Invest in cryptocurrencies. Invest in classic assets. Form a portfolio in both markets: the classic stock market and the cryptocurrency market. Such a portfolio will not be afraid of the fall of specific assets. Your investment experience and knowledge will allow you to hodl even in the bloodiest days of the market relaxed.

N3: Slice of Regret

You can read art text on project site:

I need budget for development my art crypto collection with sense:

1) Creating 5 pictures and texts;

2) Development of new site, modern and functional which will track Ethereum blockchain automatically;

3) Chinese, Japanese and Spanish translation;

4) Social presence: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others.



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