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Magic Wand

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Artem Makarov
Say the spell and sway your phone like a magic wand!
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Magic Wand - The Book of Incredible Power is a turn-based wizard duel game. 

It resembles the HearthStone game, but it has a combat model, well-known by those who played Lineage, Tera, World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs. 

Is a next generation mobile game. That will thrill every magician. Only a strategic mind set and knowledge of powerful spells will bring you the victory. Don’t count on the speed of your fingers. With our unique interface control, players can relax and sink in to the world of magic.

An interactive control system is applied in this game

To cast a spell, the player needs to say it aloud (the phone recognizes the player’s voice) and then wave the phone like a wand. This control system unleashes the full potential of mobile platforms and is well suited for them. It causes a WOW-effect and helps to promote the game.



The game MagicWand - is our pilot project and with your help it can become a classics of the genre well-known all over the world! We carry on negotiations with companies in Europe and Asia to establish the representations of the game all over the world.








Five magical schools with respective spells are available to the player: 
1. Fire
2. Energy
3. Darkness
4. Nature
5. Water

The spells are pages of the magic book (spell cards)Characters:

The Characters menu allows the player to choose a playing character.
Each character represents the magical school and has an original:
- appearance.
- set of animations.
- set of speech lines revealing the character’s nature.
- unique passive skill.

Magic items:

Magic inventory has an important role in the game, as it contains items such as magic wands and amulets. There will be a large variety of such items in the game  some with additional effects, others without them. There will be (one of a kind items), which will separate from all others. Possessing such items will be really lucky.

For winning the tournaments and completing daily quests players will receive chests. They contain random collections of game items, you’ll know what you get only after opening the chest.

Also the game will contain exclusive chests with a higher chance of finding unique items inside.

Store for the purchase of game content:

1. Buying new currency.

2. Wands have an additional passive effect. They can be bought at the store or collected from chests.

3. Characters and addons in the form of skins and speech lines.

4. Scrolls and bottles that can recover the character’s HP and MP.

Group battles:

We want to expand our battle system even further by adding group battles in the game. There will be a choice between 2 vs 2 and 4 vs 4 mods. The players will be able to split themselves between attack and support heroes, the team with the best strategy will win.

Built-in mini games:

We also plan to introduce the built-in mini games. Switching the turn based game, into the real-time fast paced duels.
1. Mini game Ping-Pong
Hit the Fireball. Just like the Ping Pong game, but instead of a little ball you get a fireball. Which also increases in size throughout the game, the player who fails to hit the Fireball takes all the damage it contains. Such approach is a good complement to our turn based game. 

2. Mini game Magic beam
Each player has to control his or her beam by balancing the phone in the air, the player with better balance wins.



1. New approach to the game control system on mobile platforms.
2. New approach to the system of PVP battles.
3. Supports most OSAndroid devices (phones, tabs).
4. The game is ready and is now being tested in Open-Beta-Test.
5. The game concept allows to use various monetizing ways.



Free-to-play: a player can play for free, but he will have to pay for additional bonuses:
wands, character sale, character skins, wand skins, amulets, spells, interior items, sets of speech lines etc. Basic items are virtual ones.



We developed the game server for heavy traffic: 10-50 million players. The game server is written in Java using Akka Actors non-blocking multithreaded architecture. This technology is being successively used by large corporations such as eBay, Amazon, and Blizzard. 

This allowed us to connect 80 000 players online (CCU) to one server (usually it’s 5 000 CCU/ server). Thus, the technical part of the game is perfect for the Free2Play model. 

Besides that, the Akka Actors server architecture allows a single virtual game server to be calibrated such that players from different countries can fight in a single space.

The game is optimized for devices with 1Gb RAM. 




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