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Hi! My name is Sandra Kowalski and I am a modern provocative artist, creating fabric in flat erotic art style. This style originates from planar Japanese graphics with multiple lines and in-situ colors. However, I am the first artist in Russia and Europe who dared to combine graphical anatomical proportions and the brightness of the color palette with the provocative plots on the verge of erotica and lust. Provocation itself, however, is not the main goal on my fabrics, in the first place it was important for me to show how the body revokes to our emotional outbursts. However, the whole style became so popular and recognisable thanks to about 25 exhibitions in Russia, Europe, and America, that the journalists called me a provocative and even a scandalous artist.



I have been painting and doing graphics for around 18 years, everything has started back in school, moreover, I have never attended an art school, but I always enjoyed painting alongside my studies.

Having realised that drawing never ceased to please me, and my interest in creating something new did not disappear, I decided to enrol in an art college to get a classical education as an artist.


The path was very difficult, but I received a master's degree from VGIK (Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography) in two specialties - a painter-graphic artist and a costume designer for film and television.



I was already working from a young age, and as far as I can remember I started when I was 16. Parallel to my studies in VGIK, I taught painting, worked as a costume designer in movies and commercials, painted custom-build art, as well as working as an illustrator in various companies such as BBDO, Instinkt and even held the position of an art director at the Analytical Center under the Government of Moscow. I painted a lot of advertising orders for Coca-Cola, Tele2, Nestle, Reebok, Bentley, Hennessy and many other famous companies. Despite the ability to have a unique skill to paint in various styles and the ability to precisely adapt to the preferences of the customer, my whole career did not make me happy in life.


Around 4 years ago I have decided to quit my job and create my own brand. Clearly, in the beginning, I did not have any understanding or an idea what exactly it would be, whether there will be any demand, or whether I will be able to promote it well. Therefore, I thoroughly approached the whole process of creating a self-brand. I created a small business plan and wrote down what results I want to achieve.


I outlined 3 main goals.


 - Become a famous worldwide artist.

 - Make good money by selling my own art-work  solely in my own style, without having to precisely adapt to any third-party orders

 - To create something beautiful, standing out and close to what I have always liked to draw - women, costumes, naked bodies, sexuality.


Was I afraid? I would be honest and say - yes! Ridiculously! Many thoughts and fears were going through my mind; things like not being able to promote myself, not creating a unique style, and that the overall theme of sexuality is already overdone and many many more!


You could be afraid your whole life, sit around and wait for your dream to happen by itself, however, I am the person, which believes in a

talk less, work more principle, therefore I immediately executed. In particular, I started to do research and collect materials on all existing artists, their styles, demand and popularity of their work, in other words, I created a profile for each artist, followed their social media, was looking at what kind of work is selling best, started researching marketing and promotion ways, visited and studies all kind of historic art galleries which were focusing on the topic of sexuality and erotics

Overall, this massive amount of work took me around 1 month of constant research and analysis. At the same time, as I needed to eat something, I took a very interesting order on creating a comic style clip, where I fully created around 20 characters together with their costumes, and also created about 250 frames according to the scenario.


Watch the video:


Of course, it was not a fully animated style, but the amount of work done was colossal and more importantly, very interesting. One day, when I finished all this research on different artists, their styles and working on the clip, something then struck me!


It was an absolute genius idea to combine my style of drawing comic stories together with simple erotic moments and my color vision. At that night, I dreamed about my first painting!


At that time, it was more like an illustration, but it was so unique and totally unlike any existing style. It was a mixture of comics, Japanese prints, anatomical proportions of Schiele, the poster of Alphonse Mucha and the richness of the impressionist palette!



 In this manner, I started my first painting series. I did not even plan that eventually these would turn out as real canvases with my uniquely developed technique of painting graphics.

Initially, these were only simple illustrations, which I started posting on Instagram, and PR them on other special websites for digital artists. I started receiving first small orders, example of such is recreating the persons profile picture in my style or a company logo. The prices were very low, as I was focusing on developing and mastering this unique style.   



In a few months, I decided why not to try printing my work as pictures on plastic or some other material. Right away, I created a series consisting of 8 pictures and sent photos to various thematics institutes, following this, literally in one day the paintings were bought by the founders of Angelov bar, where my exposition was on a permanent basis for a year until the institution was closed due to the relocation. After the first exhibition at that bar, the beautiful photo report and a video interview with myself appearing on HELLO TV, I felt the first wave of my work recognition. I was offered to perform as an artist at various parties where my paintings would adorn the walls. There were around 10 big events with my work appearing in popular places, such as Mix, Roof of the World, Insomnia, Icon and others. I remember well those days when my Facebook and Instagram were booming from the amount of new followers and friends, which helped me dramatically increase my target audience, which still grows daily.


My work has been selling to all kind of people and institutes. One example is a club called Mix, which completely bought the copyrights of few of my paintings. Even Rocket Bank decorated the whole floor of his new office with 13 of my paintings. Apart from parties and events, I also organised private exhibitions, one of which was set in the best tattoo salon in Moscow called Bananatatto studio. My work is exhibited in various institutions around Moscow and some other towns in Russia, belongs to the private collection of famous people, however, most of them asked to remain incognito but Sergey Shnurov, Katy Topuria, and an a'studio group do not mind being mentioned.

However, it is not enough for me to just print illustrations. I aspire to a much more bigger scale. And about a year ago I started developing my own unique technique of acrylic painting. I had a goal of making the original picture absolutely identical to digital art. Having practiced and destroyed a few of canvases - I finally created this technique. And now, literally everyone who buys or just looks at the pictures is perplexed and does not believe that the pictures are actually written in acrylic. The main thing that differs from the digital picture is the glow of the screen and the colours that literally vibrate, and so I achieved an exact effect in my handmade paintings!

 Most recently, I hosted my personal exhibition called #foodfetish on the gastronomic street StrEat, for which I prepared 30 completely brand new paintings. For me, the exhibition was the most thought through and well prepared out of my all previous ones.

After about 3 hours there were 170 people in the room, despite the fact that I did not advertise the event with the usual advertising methods. Various merchandise opportunities were also available.

I created my own line of summer clothing (including swimsuits, swimming trunks, body and soon sports suits for fitness), published a beautiful catalog with all existing work, released a series of sketchbooks for beginning artists, published a limited series of posters from best-selling pictures, and also presented my collaboration in the field of clothing with a partner - we are the only ones officially doing hand-painted denim jackets, and in the future there will be a collection of women's silk robes, and I have also presented a series of paintings in a unique 3d technique put together by hand layer on layer, which caused a real sensation at the exhibition and those 3f pictures were swept away by customers in half an hour.


This is what Media says about my exhibition:


These artworks are absolutely unique in their own style, many beginning artists around the world now copy her works, as well as learn how to draw, techniques replicating those. The artist herself claims that she managed to create an absolutely unique and an exclusive style of graphics thanks to 17 years of experience in painting, drawing and digital graphics, because she graduated from VGIK art department in two specialties - a painter-graphic artist and a costume designer for film and television. Everyday work in this field is result oriented and this approach have born fruit in the quality and fame of Sandra Kowalskii paintings.


I already had about 20 exhibitions in Moscow and 4 exhibitions in Europe, moreover one of my exhibitions took place in Los Angeles, unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get there myself since I just did not have enough time to obtain an American visa. No matter the fact, I received daily videos and photo updates from the exhibition, where my work accordingly created a wow effect. Despite the fact that it is no brainer that American market is already so saturated with all kind of arts, that it might seem that there’s simply no room for my work but it turned out that such unique style of mine really does not exist in America. My paintings are among the personal collections all around the world.

Now, I would like to address why I need YOUR help! For my new paintings series, I have not been doing anything special. The fact that I often analyze the world and people around me is enough. I spot trends early on and can analyze any situation effectively. People from Moscow are big fans of a Burning Man festival, they plan the flights early on, prepare super exciting costumes, save money for the festival. The level of creativity and magic there is over the top. In my opinion, people want to be someone which they are not, they want to put on fancy costumes and appear in a fairy tale and forget about their everyday problems. Moscow did not stay behind and organised a Midsummer night, which I was very excited for, and was creating myself a costume for a whole week! Handpicked, I created an incredible mask and was absolutely trembled about the upcoming party. However, it still doesn't compare to Burning Man festival scale.

I am super inspired by the fantasy images of a Burning man festival, and also fascinated by the rapid technology development and even some robotic elements in humans, that I got this crazy idea to create a series of paintings, where portrayals of real people would be intertwined with robot images or cyborgs, which would illustrate an incredible love story breaking all the boundaries between the living and inanimate mind. Some interpretation as Cyborgerotica.

The things that I imagine in my head do not let me sleep at night, I see a riot of tonns of colors which hit on me every morning. As I am on route to something, my eyes, and my brain project future paintings right on passing walls, no matter where I am, I closely analyze the faces of beautiful people and inside my head, dress them in a fantasy costume. Overall, I am living this idea and I aspire to create something which no one has ever done.


I also understand that producing pure art paintings would not be enough, as we are living at a time where it’s difficult to surprise and impress people. This being said, my other idea was born. My project would not just consist of paintings on large canvases I plan to create 10 - 15 of those 100 x 100 cm wide, I want to come up with some performance, which would unite the art exhibition and a dance, which must be supported with great music and a breathtaking light show.

All paintings would be done in my unique style, and perhaps even recreated in fluorescent paints, which would provide a play opportunity for the color and the light. In an ideal world, I see this event as a large-scale 1 day festival, where everyone is free to dress up as they wish. You might think that there are many likewise events, however, the goal of my personal show is to create a meet-up for people and awake their interest in art and inspire them to be part of it. If only I had an opportunity to create a virtual tour, which would disclose the story of each painting - I would love to do this, however, for this moment, it appears very expensive and unjustified.


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