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Conquering Kilimanjaro

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Aleksandr Zamotkin
A dream of conquering the highest peak of Africa - Kilimanjaro (5895m) together with WHIRL
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Hello Friends!


My name is Alexander. My hobbies include music, photography, travel and especially exploring mountains.



Mountains were the love at first sight for me. I can not even explain it. Here are few of the reasons why I am so passionate about them:


- I live very far from the mountains, so I was overwhelmed when I first saw the real mountains;

- Pristine beauty;

- The sense of time standing still + the view from the top is good


I first encountered with the mountains about ten years ago, during a trip to Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. I remember well when I was standing on the observation deck, shrouded in clouds and suddenly the clouds scattered and the white hats of the Caucasus Mountains flashed in the sun! It was an incredible moment and since then, I constantly dream of mountains, even at night!

Such passions do not fade easily, and sooner or later leads you to conquer highest peaks. This summer, together with my friends, I climbed Mount Elbrus. This is one of the top 7 peaks on our planet, definitely the highest point of Russia and Europe reaching 5642m


A week-long acclimatization was over when I reached the top on 30.06.2018, despite the vagaries of nature and a fearsome temperament of mountains. I was prepared well and prior my expedition did running for 2 months and do not believe anyone who tells you it can be easily done. It is intense, hard, however, the end result is worth all the efforts. My previous expedition was supported by MicroMoney founder Anton Dzyatkovsky, to whom I am incredibly grateful.


My dream came true and as a way to say " thank you" I have placed a banner (flag) with the company logo at the Mount Elbrus.


During my expedition to Mount Elbrus, I met many interesting people, like Alexander, Alexey, and two Sergeis, with whom I stay in touch closely after our trip. I would like to point out our guide Sergey Samsonov. He is the founder of the tourist club "Tenrek", who managed to turn his favourite travel activities into a job. He is certainly a very interesting, multifaceted and smart person, which whom you would never be bored at any time all around the world. In the beginning, I was considering organising the whole tour myself, however by calculating all the costs and taking all possible difficulties into account as well as having a lack of climbing experience, I started to look into other options. My first obvious choice was using the services of "Tenrek" tourist club, and as I have predicted, the costs for the trip turned out to be more than the independent travel, however, all organisational problems are absent



After spending some time at home, I started having a "mountain sickness" - I urgently felt the need to return to the mountains: to enjoy the untouched beauty of nature, to rise to the sky not by the plane, but climbing with my own feet, no matter how hard it would be due to the very heavy backpack. The only "cure" is to return to the mountains again.

This time I aim at the higher mountain, which is, in fact, the highest peak of Africa - Kilimanjaro (5895m), I plan to climb the summit with my friend from the club "Tenrek" - Sergey Samsonov. We hope to go in a small group of 4-5 people again. I hope to achieve my new goal together with WHIRL, holding tight a flag with the symbols of the company WHIRL, when I reach the top.

The Man is not created to fly, but if you ever love mountains as much as I do, then you can climb there, where birds no longer fly and literally walk in the clouds - and I am eager to show you this!

WHIRL platform provides me with the opportunity to overcome my "mountain sickness" at least for some time.  After the expedition is over, I would publish a story with a bunch of photos and videos about the daily difficulties of the way of an amateur climber.


So, what else is required to participate in such expedition, apart from an overwhelming desire?



Certain costs are required, such as


- Expedition participation  ($ 2000)

- Transportation costs, including airfare ($ 1000)

- Visa ($50)

- Travel fees ($ 200)

- Purchase of missing equipment ($ 250)

-The acquisition or rental of a good camera for high-quality video recording ($ 1000)


Which in total comes to  $4500.



To all my supporters on WHIRL platform, I will prepare a surprise: I would make plates with your names engraved, and leave them at the top of the mountain - which would be discovered by advanced civilisations in the future. Please jump on board! We are going to the mountains!







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