We believe your dreams are worth something

Socially driven, pay it forward crowdfunding platform that’s built on the blockchain. You can only create a campaign after you’ve already helped others, generating a virtuous loop of giving that will echo around the world.

Dreams come true

You can use WHIRL to get funding for just about anything, as long as it’s legal. Your dream could be a startup company, a charitable project, a gift,a holiday or even a new car. All you back someone else’s campaign before you seek backing for your own. WHIRL is ideal for people who don’t have the contacts, skills, or funds to campaign in other ways.
Personal project

Road to the Olympic Games

My biggest dream is to represent my country at the Olympic Games, and for that dream I need your help!

Magic Wand

Say the spell and sway your phone like a magic wand!
Created by

Sandra Kowalskii Fantastic Show

Burning Man Festival is good but Sandra Kowalskii show is better

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The global crowdfunding was valued at $6,158.5 million in 2017 by P&S Market Research. MRC is estimated to reach $66.68 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 58.3%, as predicted in June 2016 by Stratistics MRC.
Today you, tomorrow me
When you contribute to a campaign, you’re instantly rewarded with karma points. When it’s your turn to create a campaign, your karma points determine and how much you can raise. WHIRL’s give-and-take economy is a new way to raise money that eliminates fraud and removes the need to ship rewards, take out expensive loans, or ask friends and family for donations.
Powered by the blockchain
WHIRL accepts all major cryptocurrencies, infusing a substantial new source of capital into crowdfunding while also reducing platform fees and doing away with global banking restrictions. Intimidated by the blockchain? Don’t be, we’ve made a platform that’s as easy-to-use as it is secure and powerful.
Socially driven
WHIRL has heart. In keeping with our broader mission of inspiring a whirlwind of change, WHIRL works closely with leading nonprofits and charities around the world, waiving fees, offering white glove support, and providing featured placement and backer bonus incentives.
Open to everyone, everywhere, for any purpose
WHIRL’s mission is worldwide and our platform is open for business no matter your borders, currency, or fundraising purpose (within reason). Crowdfund your art project, home repair, medical expense, scientific endeavor, business pursuit, or dream vacation. Receive support from a global community.


To globally improve the quality of the living via organizing WHIRL, a place where people will be helping each other and forget about loans and debts. Place for everyone, no matter what financial status you have.


You help others to help yourself

You can use WHIRL to get funding for just about anything, as long as it’s legal. Your dream could be a startup company, a charitable project, a gift,?a holiday or even a new car. All you back someone else’s campaign before you seek backing for your own.

WHIRL is ideal for people who don’t have the contacts, skills, or funds to campaign in other ways. By joining the WHIRL community, you can back people with similar dreams, and get their backing in return.

Core Team

Roel Wolfert
Roel Wolfert is an expert in digital payments, serving as COO at Transtrack International, which provides software to banks, governments, and organizations to manage their cash supply chain. Wolfert is an advisor to the Bancor Foundation, which manages the largest decentralized liquidity network in the world, BeamWallet, the UAE’s largest mobile wallet, and Genexi, a biochain blockchain startup. He is actively involved in tech mentoring and diversity initiatives
Valery Zobov
CEO & Co-Founder
Since 2007, Valery Zobov was the CEO and founder of Megaline, LLC, a firm which distributes German engineering systems
Anti Danilevski
Executive Board Director
Anti Danilevski is a early blockchain pioneer. He founded KICKICO, a platform for cryptocurrency-based startups to list and promote their token sales. KICKICO hosts a community of more than 55,000 crypto investors and has helped launch dozens of successful token sales, with more than 250,000 ETH raised. Danilevski was 13 years old when began his tech career, first as a videogame designer and then as a producer.
Eugene Zykov
Chief technical officer
Eugene Zykov is a CTO with more than 12 years experience in financial companies at the top IT positions. He have portfolio of successfully completed projects like implementations core banking systems, retail online-banking services, build a high performance and scalable IT infrastructure and IT consulting for top Russian banks. Eugene is high qualificated in software development and IT management. Last several years have worked with crypto and blockchain industry.


What is WHIRL?
WHIRL is a socially driven, “pay it forward” crowdfunding platform that’s built on the blockchain.
How is WHIRL different from Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc?
WHIRL is unique in many ways, but here are three major differences: (1) We limit the number of campaigns that can raise money at one time. (2) You can create a campaign only after you’ve contributed to others. And (3) You can transact with cryptocurrency, which makes WHIRL a truly global platform.
Who created WHIRL?
WHIRL is built by a proven team with diverse experience in blockchain software, crowdfunding, and nonprofit fundraising.
How long has WHIRL been in development?
Well over a year, with parts of its technology being developed for three years.
Does WHIRL have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?
Unlike other blockchain projects, WHIRL isn’t empty, future hype; it’s working today! Check it out!
Do I need to be a programmer to use WHIRL?
No! While WHIRL uses blockchain technology, it is easy enough for anyone to use, regardless of coding skill. This was important to us because we want WHIRL to be accessible by the widest possible audience around the world.
Where is WHIRL incorporated?
After assessing multiple jurisdictions, WHIRL decided upon Malta for its corporate headquarters. Malta is rapidly becoming the world’s cryptocurrency hub; it has a pro-crypto government and is home to many high-profile blockchain companies.
Is WHIRL a ponzi or pyramid scheme?
No. Given the nature and history of some crypto projects (e.g. Bitconnect), WHIRL’s give-and-take structure might be mistaken for a ponzi scheme or MLM pyramid. This is not the case. To begin with, WHIRL’s hierarchy is dynamic. Once a member rises to the top and completes a campaign, they immediately reset back to the bottom and begin anew. Ponzi schemes and MLM pyramids maintain a fixed hierarchy, which swells and eventually implodes. WHIRL doesn’t promise limitless fundraising either: campaigns are capped based on the amount you’ve contributed to others. There are many other differences, but those are two major ones. WHIRL is building a sustainable fundraising economy; it is not promising get-rich-quick results. Find out more here
Does WHIRL have a whitepaper?
Yes, you can download it.
Who are WHIRL’s partners?
WHIRL is in behind-the-scenes negotiations with a number of parties. Currently, the only partners we can disclose is KICK ICO and FlogMall, but many more will be forthcoming.